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A Lie of the Mind - Kansas City Actors Theatre
Kansas City Actors Theatre - 2017-18 season
  • Kansas City Actors Theatre
  • A Lie of the Mind
  • Producer Name/Organizers:   Kansas City Actors Theatre 
    Event Hall:     Union Station- City Stage 30 W Pershing Rd                       
    Running Time:  TBD….
    # of Intermissions:   1
    Classify Content: Enjoyed by Middle School age and older
    Short Description:
        CTO Per Order:  none
        WEB Event Per Order: $ 4.00
    Emergency Phone for Event Time:    U.S 816-460-2020     John R  913-209-2838 (cell)
    Contact Name & Number for Patron Concerns:   Matt Sameck   
    Phone number for customer concerns 816-361-5228  (KCAT)

    Special Notations:  Read the info in morningn notes, it is more detailed.

    Personal Basket