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Juncture- Wylliams-Henry Contemporary Dance Company
Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company Fall 2019 concert season will present Southern Exposure. Southern Exposure is a dance/theater piece by Mary Pat Henry delving into experiences of racism and hatred in the South during 1960s segregation and integration. Using archival photographs and film, spoken word and music from the period, Southern Exposure is a multi-media work supplemented with photographs and artwork from “The Klan Room” by William Christenberry. Southern Exposure forces us to look into our past to examine current race issues in the United States today. This expanded recreation of this original work has been made possible by an Arts/Works Award from The National Endowment for the Arts.In addition, Wylliams/Henry is honored to present “Fragment,” a new cutting-edge work by Los Angeles choreographer Christian Denice, a new work by Chicago choreographer Frank Chaves (commissioned by New Dance Partners) and “Enemy at the Gate,” a signature work about the Holocaust by internationally renowned choreographer Christopher Huggins. This season will be an evening of thought-provoking social works with beautiful, dynamic dancing that speaks to the heart and the humanity we all share amidst our society’s most difficult moments.
  • Wylliams-Henry Contemporary Dance Company
  • Fall Dance 2019
  • Producer Name/Organizers:   Wylliams-Henry Contemporary Dance Company
    Event Title:   Fall Dance 2019—title name TBA 
    Event Hall:     White Recital Hall
    Running Time:   2 hrs
    # of Intermissions:   1
    Classify Content:   Modern Dance Concert
    Short Description:    Fall Dance 2019 Wylliams-Henry Contemporary Dance company .  PROGRAM  TBA

        CTO Per Order:  $  4.00
        WEB Event Per Ticket: $  4.00
     CTO Per Orders Rules: Method of Delivery does NOT equal WINDOW
        Hours before delivery > 2----edit this at the commission leve.

    Emergency Phone for Event Time:    Building Mgr   816 235 2701
    Contact Name & Number for Patron Concerns: Mary Pat Henry
     Deeanna Hiett 816-235-5713

    Special Notations:   Mary Pat Henry, co-founder of the dance company, is a Retired Conservatory Faculty member. New Artistic Director is DeeAnna Hiett who’s a Conservatory Faculty Member.

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