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Musica Sacra 2018-2019 Concert 3

Musica Sacra 

Event Hall:     Arrupe Hall Auditorium on RU 1100 Rockhurst Rd KCMO 64110

Running Time:   90min to 2hr
# of Intermissions:   1
Classify Content:   Classical programs of ancient and contemporary sacred music.
Short Description: 
Musica Sacra presents the regional premiere of Missa Popularis (2015) by Swedish composer Mårten Jansson. Written for chorus and string quartet, the work has its roots in folk music, which can be heard in the opening measures of the Kyrie. Over the lush choral texture, the violin plays a melody in the style of a Swedish folk tune.

Emergency Phone for Event Time:    n/a
Contact Name & Number for Patron Concerns:   Cynthia Cartwright 816-501-4607

Special Notations:  Live Program notes at 6:15pm. CTO on site and selling at 5:30pm

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Arrupe Hall Auditorium
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Sun, Feb 17
07:00 PM

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  • Rockhurst University
  • Musica Sacra Chorus & Orchestra
  • Mårten Jansson

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