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newEar Concert 4-Spiritual Journeys


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Producer Name/Organizers:   newEar 
Event Title:   newEar Concert 4- Spiritual Journeys
Event Hall Pilgrim Center 3807 Gilliam Rd KCMO 64111 
Running Time:    90 min to 2 hr
# of Intermissions:   generally 1
Classify Content:  Most appreciated by older students and adults.  “New Music” –contemporary and original concerts.
Short Description:   TBA……
Event Commissions:
    CTO Per Order:  $ 4.00
    WEB Event Per Order: $ 4.00  

Emergency Phone for Event Time:    n/a                                                
Contact Name & Number for Patron Concerns:
Dr. Leah Sproul Pulatie,    
Special Notations:  Each concert is preceded by an informative ‘talk-back’ at 7:15.
                   NOTE:   newEar season tickets are totally flexible and can be used at any point during the performance season.

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Pilgrim Center
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Sat, Mar 23
08:00 PM

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