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Spinning Tree Sings! - Spinning Tree Theatre

Spinning Tree Sings!  

A Cabaret Fundraiser
with Lauren Braton, Jerry Jay Cranford, Linnaia McKenzie and Douglass Walker
Reception to follow

Producer:Spinning Tree Theatre  

Title: Spinning Tree Sings!

EventDate-Time/s:Saturday March 9th, 2019 at 7:30pm   

EventHall& Address: Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center

                                8788 Metcalf Ave

                                OverlandPark KS 66212

(used to be the King Louie Bowling Alley backin the day.)   

Event Info:  Spinning Tree Sings!  Cabaret fundraiser series continues.

More information TBA


Running Time: 2       Intermissions:  n/a



                CTOPer Ticket: n/a

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Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center - Black Box Theater
Plenty of tickets
Sat, Mar 9
07:30 PM

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