Kansas City Actors Theatre – Preview 4 Show Package 2020-2021
Kansas City Actors Theatre – Preview 4 Show Package 2020-2021

Due to the ongoing health crisis and the extension of restrictions and stay-at-home orders, we’ve made the decision to postpone the originally-scheduled May/June run of “The Cake” to keep both our artists and our audiences safe. Kansas City Actors Theatre is fully committed to our 5-show Season 16 in 2020-2021, though the schedule is naturally in flux due to the evolving public health situation.

As of right now, our next opportunity to launch our first production will come in August with either “The Dresser” or “The Cake.” At the same time we must remain flexible in our constantly-evolving environment. We are committed to keeping in touch with subscribers as the performance window draws closer. In the meantime, the best way to support Kansas City Actors Theatre and help secure our return is to become a subscriber!

Know that Kansas City Actors Theatre will weather this storm, and we look forward to seeing you and sharing profound, heart-warming, and affecting stories and unsurpassed performances once again.

The Cake
Jesus Hopped the A Train
The Dresser
The Christians - Dates TBA at St. Paul's Episcopal Church ***Once they have dates set, you will be able to book for this show.

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